Bob the Hummer Guy

From the Great Lakes of Michigan to the
Sonoran Desert of Arizona comes
Bob the Hummer Guy,
a friendly guide to complement your tour
with things of interest while you cruise the
trails of the Tonto National Forest.

Career Highlights

1959 to 1961 USAF (pilot-no, jock-yes)
1964 Made it through Western Michigan University
1967 to 1973 Underwater filming in Geogian Bay Ontario CAN
1968 Took all UW motion picture awards at Deroit MI
1968 to 1973 Could be found at the Coral Grill, Islamorada FL
1969 Put a man on the moon with 80 column punched cards
1970 Best of Show at Our World Underwater Chicago IL
1973 Cozumel Mexico will never be the same...
1973 and 1974 Underwater Society of America photo awards
1977 Somehow earned a Commercial Pilots license
1985 Jumped out of a perfectly good airplane
1998 Switched from two wheel drive to four wheel drive
2001 Changed name from Computer Guy to Hummer Guy
2009 Jumped out of a perfectly good airplane again

2010 to ? High performance aircraft under construction
2012 Hot air balloon crew

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